Why Sidney Crosby’s Black Household Jersey Could be the NHL’s Ideal Vendor

There are dozens of fantastic players in the NHL. All of which, are deserving of winning the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately there can only be one winner, forcing them to face one another each year. Standing atop the mountain of individual great players is Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins. His is without question the NHL’s most popular player and the Sidney Crosby black home jersey is the best selling jersey in the league and has been for quite some time.

Sidney Crosby has played in the NHL for only four years and has already risen to the top of the ranks. He’s accumulated accolades ranging fromĀ the blacks home all star game appearances (4) to most valuable player (2007) to champion. These are only a few of the awards that shot the Sidney Crosby black home jersey up to the top slot. Crosby was even given the honor of representing Canada in the 2010 Winter Olympics. He even scored the final goal that beat the United States 3-2.

Crosby has been a hockey player since he was a little boy and has played on numerous teams even though he is relatively young at twenty three years of age. His youthful appearance has caused him to be dubbed “Sid the Kid.” Already at his age, he has won the Stanley Cup and is the youngest team captain to do so, further fueling the prestigious Sidney Crosby black home jersey to becoming the NHL’s best selling jersey.

Even though Crosby has had a plethora of success, he has faced many tribulations in short career thus far. Before he won the Stanley Cup in 2009, he’d lost twice before in his first 2 years in the league. This season, he suffered a potential concussion from 2 back to back games in January and has not played since. Even though he’s been put out of commission and no timeline of when he will return has been given, the Sidney Crosby black home jersey still has been the NHL’s best seller throughout his entire absence. Despite a short appearance this year, Crosby was still selected to the All Star team, but due to his head injury, he was advised not to play. His team’s coaches and executives, recognizing his value to the team, as well as the National Hockey League, have decided to put his return on hold until further notice. Now everyone waits with baited breath for his return and a chance the watch him play again.

Despite the absence of Crosby, the Penguins have earned a position in 2010-2011 playoffs. Though you can only wonder how far they can go without their best players. Evgeni Malkin suffered a leg injury and will not be able to play for the rest of the entire year. Recent reports have indicated that Crosby could be close to returning, possibly in time for the playoffs. His youth and lack of a history with injuries may contribute greatly to his possible return. With some luck and resilience, we may see the Sidney Crosby black home jersey in action during the playoffs!

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