All You Need To Know About Fixing and Replacing Roof Tiles

A quality and durable roof is built with robust materials that add aesthetics and protection. Roof tiles are one of the most sought after roofing materials because of its longevity, durability and appearance. However, roofing tiles are always associated with cracking or breaking. When the tiles break or crack they need to be replaced or fixed before further damage.

What are tile roofs?

Tile roofs are roofs made with earth minerals such as concrete, fired clay, and standard tiles. They are decay resistant, energy-efficient and can survive fire, storms and hard winds.

What causes roofing tiles to break?

Damage to roofing tiles occurs due to debris falling on the roof, wind damage, snow stress, heat and other accidental damage. When damage occurs it’s often to an individual tile which can be fixed, replaced or adjusted.  Here are some of the problems you will encounter with roof tiles:

  • Broken tiles
  • Holes and cracks
  • Debris build up
  • Underlayment defects

Importance of early detection

Always inspect your roofing tiles after every three months to detect damages or cracks. Also, clean gutters regularly to get rid of debris and branches that can cause damage. Early detection is always the best way to prevent further damage. If the damage is left unidentified, it can result in leaks, cracks and holes. The more damage the more expensive it is to fix. Thus it is important to have Minneapolis roofing contractors inspect your roofing tiles to identify problems early before any further damage.

Fixing roofing tiles

Minor damages often do not require replacement; you can perform a temporary fix. This is often done by adding a flashing strip above the crack to help with roofing adhesive.

  1. Fixing small holes or cracks

You can fix this by filling the cracks with plastic roofing cement.

The first step is to scrub the cracked area using a wire brush to ensure the roofing cement bonds properly. Remove all debris and dirt and let it dry. Once the area is dry, fill the crack with plastic roofing cement. You can use silicone caulk for longevity. Ensure the crack is sealed then, using a trowel smoothen the surface to ensure it is level.

  1. Fixing tile roof leaks

The general issue when roof tile is leaking is with the tile membrane beneath it. To fix this, identify the leakage area.

First carry out a visual inspection to identify wet spots and stains on the ceiling or roof. Once you get the leak spot, you can go ahead to fill the leak with roofing cement.

Replacing roof tiles

If a tile is missing or the crack is too big that the rest of the tile is loose, the tile should be replaced.  Use a flat pry to lift the defective tile. Then apply a small quantity of roofing cement to the area after removing the tile. Slide the new tile and use adhesive to hold it in place.


For long-term damage where there are prominent signs, wood sheathing, and roof sagging, the roof tile rafters have to be fixed. It is vital to call Minneapolis roofing contractors to help handle these types of damages. The professionals will fix the roof tile issue with their professional expertise.