A Guide To Learn About Genes And Genetic Factors

Genes travel from parents to a child that makes a child identical to his parents. This process identifies changes in the sequence of DNA that are called genetic or DNA testing. Genes are responsible for causing hereditary diseases in a person.

In this article, we will learn about the impact of genes in determining the health of a person.

What is a DNA?

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is the blueprint of life. It has all the information in relation to the tiniest physical element. It combines to form a gene that directs the body to perform a variety of functions such as physical characteristics, growth, metabolic activities, functioning, reproduction of living organisms, and more.

DNA molecules are formed using paired strands that are twisted around one another. Each of these strands is made using nucleotide bases such as thymine, guanine, adenine, and cytosine. A legal DNA test helps determine the genes of the person to spot medical conditions that have genetic roots.

What Is A Genome?

Genome is the complete set of DNA that transfers the genetic instructions of organisms. A human genome has around 3 billion nucleotide base pairs that reside in 23 chromosome pairs within the nucleus of cells.

Every chromosome comprises around 100s to 1000s of genes. They carry the instructions to form proteins. The combination of 20,000 genes in the genome forms an average of three proteins.  Legal paternity testing help in decoding the genes with the help of high-end technology. After the end of the testing, the user gets a report with a valuable observation of their health.

Importance Of Genetic Testing

Court admissible DNA test is a kind of medical test that recognizes genetic disorder or modifications n genes to confirm any type of genetic condition in a person. It is also beneficial to determine the possibility of a person developing or transmitting a genetic disorder.

Paternity test for court check predisposition to specific types of genetic conditions to screen healthy individuals. These tests are performed by a healthy individual for inspecting their genetic risk for disease, fitness, and nutrition based on variation in the DNA.

Legal paternity test by PaternityUSA offers unparalleled and premium quality service that is proven via state-of-the-art equipment and scientific methods in AABB accredited laboratory.

DNAwise is the personalized level of genetic testing that helps to decode DNA for understanding the genetic risks or predisposition for the disease. It also provides a personalized level of recommendation for fitness and nutrition to find the right selection of exercise and food sources to stay healthy throughout life.


Any disease that one develops is due to their genes to a greater extent. Genetic testing is the ultimate guide of overall wellness and fitness. It enables early detection of genetic disease and delays/prevents the onset of the disease. The results obtained from the testing show what type of positive changes are required in the diet and lifestyle of a person. Bringing healthy changes will lead to living a healthy life.

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