5 Reasons School Fundraiser Companies Make Sense


Why schools should use companies to raise money

Determining which type of product your school should sell can be a grueling task. There are lots of options, and many things to consider, like should you sell a product directly to the customer or offer a catalog with item choices inside? Your parents may have expressed that they’re tired of the same product every year. You therefore may even consider going in a completely new direction.

Your group needs money, so you’re trying to decide if you should go it alone, or consider the many school fundraiser companies that are out there. Perhaps you’ve been working with a company but aren’t completely satisfied. You may have many reasons for wanting to change, or perhaps you’re just ready for something fresh and new. Or, maybe you’ve never hired a company and are tired of the work involved in doing your own fundraiser from scratch and not getting a good ‘bang’ for your ‘buck’.

If you’re still on the fence, here’s 5 important reasons you might want to consider working with a product fundraiser company:

1. No Up-Front Fundraiser Costs

Oftentimes when a school decides to do their own sale, they encounter several financial obstacles. For instance, if you’re planning to have a carnival, unless you’re creative and have several connections, there are going to be expenses associated with bringing in food and supplies.

And yes, you may keep most of the profit, but you also need to back out the up-front costs if you want to determine your actual net profit. Most fundraiser companies provide all of the supplies and promotional materials to help you effectively plan and promote your sale, all at no cost.

2. Built-in Fundraising Consultant

Schools who have their own sale often don’t consider the many things that must be done to make their venture a success. For example, recruiting and delegating specific responsibilities, like buying food or what types of age-appropriate games should be used, must also be coordinated.

With a fundraising company, you’ll work with an experienced professional who will ask questions to find out what your specific needs are. Then they’ll work with you to develop a practical strategy that will be easy to execute. They should also be able to answer your questions and address any issues as they come up. This will help ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Learn 10 questions to ask a company

3. School Fundraiser Companies make it Easier

Anyone experienced at doing their own campaign will tell you its hard work. From enlisting volunteers for specific tasks, to deciding on the types of food and games, this is only the beginning.

When working with a fundraiser company, you already have an integrated system that’s designed to run smoothly and efficiently. For example, we provide every school-wide group with a fundraising guidebook which spells everything out, step by step.

4. You Have an Accountability Partner

Fundraiser companies can be extremely valuable because they can provide moral and emotional support when needed, as well as accountability to assist your group in reaching its goals. For example, we check in with our schools multiple times during the course of their sale and provide helpful website links to provide additional and relevant information.

5. Automated Systems

We have many schools who have worked with us for years occasionally tell us they would like to try a different type of fundraiser for their next campaign. However, once they’ve tried it, whether it be having an auction or a carnival, they inevitably come back. The reason is brochure sales have been proven to work.

Why product sales are vital for schools

Product sales have been proven to raise good money while minimizing the amount of time and effort required. Fundraising companies also offer a variety of prize programs that provide opportunities for all students to win something, as opposed to just a couple of big sellers getting acknowledged.

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