3 Helpful Principles to Get You Owner Driver Jobs

Given the state of the economy, rising petrol prices and other depressing news on the home front, it is no wonder that discouragement is one of the things affecting the entrepreneurial owner driver. Jobs are scarce – at least, that’s what “they” are saying. It’s hard to make a living in the haulage and delivery market with so many big players.Or is it?It may be true that employment is indeed scarce for many people. However, this is the reason that many have struck out to go into business for themselves, and this is true especially for the owner driver. Jobs may not be plentiful enough to go around, that may be true (although no actual statistics are available to confirm or deny this fact), but keep in mind these few basic principles and you could have the best opportunity of securing enough from the ones available – at least as many as you need to earn a good living.Your reputation is your biggest asset. 長期租車

This is true for any business in any industry, and it certainly applies to getting owner driver jobs. As we all know, a job well done leads to more jobs – repeat business from highly satisfied customers-turned-regulars is the key to job security for many in the delivery industry. Recommendations and testimonials lead to new customers as well.If you’ve just started, building that reputation may be tricky. But with consistency in how you deliver you are sure to build your reputation, and with it, your list of people you can rely on to give you owner driver jobs on a regular basis. Bonus: these people can even include others in the same line as you!Efficiency and reliability are more important than pricing yourself low.Many people believe that undercutting prices is the way to get more jobs. This is very dangerous thinking for an owner driver. Jobs that are profitable tend to multiply at a fast rate, and if you price yourself too low you may find yourself biting off more than you can chew in order to make enough to keep you afloat. This can lead to dangerous habits like breaking the Drivers’ Hours rules, over-exerting yourself, and shoddy work – all of which can cut your delivery career short against your will.


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